A car… I really needed… yeah.

Yep this is the one, the one I needed… #ford #mustang #crossfit #minresaräknas #hursvårtkandetavara #289 #Tremec #letsgo #öka

Well 2018 was a crazy year, in several aspects… we had a crazy hot summer and well an incredible workload so I had the fortunate position of getting to spend my summer inside in a climate controlled secure environment. This did give me some, rather unexpected, opportuinities one of them happened to be a Mustang from 1965, sold new in Sweden with a whopping 225 bhp engine, which at the time was crazy the badest Volvo 123 GT had a 1,8 litre engine producing about 65 bhp, and it was a badass. So I can just imagine how the talk was going around town in July on 1965 in Örebro when som crazy MF bought a Mustang with a four barrel 289 cui, 225 bhp, 4 speed Ford Mustang and put a trailer hitch on it… yep its true… suck on that one for a while…

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